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Dating software

Dating Software

We propose the creation of a dating sites for 6 weeks under the key with an exclusive design.

All the sites has been developing cutting-edge technology.

Each site includes a huge number of functions for marriage agency:

    * Paid posts (First, Second, Follow-ups)
    * Paid group (Membership)
    * Pay chat (Chat)
    * Pay Video Chat (Video Chat)
    * Agent's input and statistics [for outside agencies on your site]
    * Automatically accept payments through: PayPal, LiqPay, 2checkout.
    * Affiliate program (example: https://thebestbrides.com/idevaffiliate/), increases the income of your site
    * Assistance in choosing the site domain name
    * Establishment of a network of blogs for promotion of your dating or online dating sites
    * Hosting for 1 year - FREE VPS (Virtual Private Server: 2xCPU/512Mb/2Gb HDD/traffic-unlim /USA)
    * SSL certificate for 1 year from GoDaddy.com [256-bit encryption]
    * Help to determine the flash media hosting (we recommend Influxes)
    * All consultations - FREE!

Our designers and programmers are always ready to modify these or other modules for a certain task for real money.



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